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ZipRecruiter: Products & Services

Zip Recruiter is a company that sends job openings provided by its customers to multiple job websites.  One listing with Zip Recruiter allows an employer to list an opening with over 30 or more job websites.  This allows maximum exposure of the listing with one job posting.  Zip Recruiter also reviews the resumes on its website for each job listing ensuring that customers receive only resumes with the qualifications that they are looking for.  Job seekers can also sign up for Zip Recruiter's mobile option that shows them the latest job listings on this site.  Resumes can also be uploaded to the site for potential employers to review.

ZipRecruiter: Company Background

ZipRecruiter was started in 2010 by Ian Siegal, Joe Edwards, Ward Paulos and Will Redd.  The founders had set up several other internet companies and had decided to enter the field of recruiting and job placement.  The company provides a service that lets customers list jobs on multiple job sites with one listing.  The company also reviews resumes to provide a company with resumes that meet the qualifications of their job listings.  Companies can also set up a webpage to aid in their recruitment and building of a small business.

ZipRecruiter: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Here are some comments on Zip Recruiter.  Many customers try out the four day membership and stay on due to the service, low cost, simple design and access to many job websites.  Here are some typical comments:

  • Zip Recruiter have to tell you...I am LOVING your site!!! I've been recruiting for 17 years and am pretty hard to impress when it comes to job boards. Your site is extremely progressive in its design, very user-friendly, intuitive, quick, and downright fun to play around with!
  • I cannot tell you how many applicants (good ones too, not dopes) we got. I have told many of my colleagues about Zip Recruiter.
  • Really nice job with this service - it works really really well and has definitely kept me organized and saved a lot of time trying to find things in my in box.
  • The part that hooked me was the candidate screening. We only asked four questions and the best candidates literally leapt out at us. I wound up reading just a handful of resumes."
ZipRecruiter: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Zip Recruiter is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  They have been a member since 2012 and have a rating of A- (A minus).  The only negative on their record is the short time the company has been in business.  The company was featured in a number of industry publications.  These include the Fordyce Letter, Entrepreneur Magazine, and  The company is based in Santa Monica, California.

ZipRecruiter: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa shows Zip Recruiter ranked about 2400 among all of the websites in the United States.  Most visitors access the site from home and the main users of the site tend to be from 35-65 years of age with at least some college.  The majority of visitors come from the United States followed by Canada.  There are about 600 sites that link into Zip Recruiter.  Compete shows that this website averages over 2 million visits per day and has been steadily increasing in the number of visitors.  Among similar websites, Compete lists Zip Recruiter as the No. 1 site in their industry.  Google's Page Rank rates the site at 6/10, a good rating.

ZipRecruiter: Social Media Presence

Zip Recruiter has a busy social media presence.  The company's Facebook page is quite active and has over 6,000 members.  Zip Recruiter's Twitter page has over 700 followers and has new items each day.  Linked In has a company page with over 25 employees on it who dispense advise to customers.  The company also has a blog which discusses new features from the company and issues that affect both job seekers and employers.

ZipRecruiter: Website Security & Safety

Transactions on the website are certified by VeriSign.  Private information also meets the standards set up by Truste.  Customers who post jobs pay by credit card which is a secure method of payment.  Resumes sent in by job seekers are only viewed by those who need to see them.  Job seekers control who views their resumes.  Any questions can be referred to the company's customer service for help.  Google's Safe Browsing Tool rates the website as not suspicious.  The site is hosted on five networks through Amazon and Google.

ZipRecruiter: Pricing & Packages

Job seekers do not pay to use Zip Recruiter.  Job posters are charged fees.  Below are the fees charged by Zip Recruiter along with the prices of some of their competitors:

Zip Recruiter (per month):

  • 3 active job slots:  $59
  • 10 active job slots:  $99
  • 20 active job slots:  $149
  • 50 active job slots:  $199

Monster (60 day job posting)

  • 1 job:  $395
  • 5 jobs:  $320
  • 10 jobs:  $265
  • 20 jobs:  $200
  • 50 jobs:  $165


  • Charges Per Click:  $0.25 to $1.50 per view

As can be seen, the rates charges by Zip Recruiter are quite reasonable for the level of service provided.

ZipRecruiter: Shipping Rates & Policies

Zip Recruiter conducts is business primarily on the internet so there is no product that requires shipping.  Any resumes sent to an employer are viewable on the internet and the customer can print the resume out as needed.  Zip Recruiter only lists jobs in the United States, but it can accept payment from international customers who can use one of the credit cards the company accepts.

ZipRecruiter: Payment Methods Accepted

Zip Recruiter accepts only credit cards in payment for their services.  The company accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  A customer can use a debit card to pay for services provided the debit card is affiliated with one of the cards that is accepted by the company.  Some long term arrangements can be invoiced by the company if arrangements are made with customer service.

ZipRecruiter: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Zip Recruiter has a 30-day return policy for new customers.  A customer may cancel by contacting customer sere vice and will receive a complete refund of their order.  After 30 days, the company does not issue refunds.  However, a customer may cancel his order or change the level of service at any time.  Job seekers do not pay fees, so there is no refund policy for them.

ZipRecruiter: Product images & screenshots
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